Professional Retail Consultation

  1. • Assess your current retail landscape and understanding your needs.
  2. • Assess the current processes for onboarding front-line and management personnel.
  3. • Gain an understanding of your retail needs, expectations and values.
  4. • Identify area for improvement and enhancement.
  5. • Agree upon the level and type of retail experience that will result in higher revenue and recurring business
  1. • Develop an end to end solution and present a strategic tactical plan for execution.
  2. • Provides specific methodologies, consultaion on tools, Process Improvement, training and guidance to elicit changes that can potentially increase your revenue.
  3. • Working with the appropriate personnel within your company to develop a production schedule and/or timeline for project implementation, as well as metrics and benchmarks for measuring progress.
  1. • Engaging your personnel to actively ensure all retail solutions are implemented and fixed according to plan.
  2. • Communication to stakeholders to ensure alignment of management direction.
  1. • Enhancing your current retail business with the latest technology and equipment.
  2. • Enhance customer experience with seamless process improvement.

Personalised Project Management

Project Management
  1. • Ongoing programme & project management.
  2. • Provide your management team with a project roadmap, recommendations, risk management and continual direction while simultaneously managing other parts of your business.
  3. • Structured project management platform and project plan issued to the company to involve all relevant stakeholders.
  1. • Organize retail layout and products in a way that ensures everything fits without alienating your customers or cramming too many items into one area.
  2. • Provides an ideal retail plan that creates a subtle path through your store to ensure customers are both encouraged to check out everything available in the store and to provide a sensible layout so that everything you stock gets its time in the spotlight.

Quality After Sales Services

Customer Service
  1. • Provide retail related assistance, attending to queries and problem solving.
    Quality Assurance
  2. • Provide Quality assurance before, during, and after product manufacturing and installation.
  3. • Comprehensive Product and Package Assessment
  4. • Product Launch Monitoring