Bizerba SC II 800


Bizerba SC II 800

SC II 800

The Bizerba System Class family is impressive in terms of its broad range of applications. Due to its various model versions it can be used for all retail tasks: weighing, transactions, printing, labeling as well as presenting advertising content with some models. The SC II models can be operated and cleaned easily. Furthermore, they save energy – but not at the expense of performance.

The SC II 800 is a counter scale for assisted sales with a modern and functional design which is ideal for any store environment. It’s like an extra sales assistant providing convincing “arguments”, e.g. as a result of ergonomic operating concept with direct visual contact with the customer or through appealing advertising via the optional 7″ customer display. Combined with a cash register drawer it can be used at the same time as a high-performance checkout solution.



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