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Supersmart Scan & Go Loss Prevention Checkout System

Product description

The Supersmart Scan & Go loss prevention system consists of intelligent hardware components and Artificial Intelligence
(AI) based software which optimizes your checkout times and processes at the point of sale and drastically reduces sales
losses resulting from shrinkage. Supersmart eliminates queues, makes the shopping process more convenient and
reliable, increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. Further added value can be achieved by integrating advertising and
cross-selling options as well as integrating loyalty card systems.
The Supersmart Scan & Go loss prevention system stands for an entirely new shopping experience. With our
technology, your customers can easily scan product barcodes while shopping using the Supersmart app on their
smartphone, validate purchases at the point of sale, pay on their smartphone and leave the store. Easy and intuitive,
without long queues or repacking of articles. At the same time, a multi-stage validation at the checkout ensures that the
purchase is checked and validated by an algorithm within a few seconds. Non-scanned or double-scanned items are
recognized directly by the system.

Advantages along the entire shopping process
The Supersmart Scan & Go loss prevention system:
– Reliable: 95% recognition accuracy through reliable validation of the purchase in a multi-stage validation process,
based on
– Weight sensors
– Shopping patterns
– Visual recognition
– Customer big data
– Efficient: Validation of the purchase within seconds – about ten times higher throughput compared to cash registers
– Self-learning: AI improves accuracy with each purchase by generating customer big data and identifying shopping
– Intuitive: Operation via Supersmart app with the smartphone familiar to the shopper
– Cost-effective: Low acquisition costs thanks to easy implementation in existing store environments and IT systems. In
addition to a validation unit and the Supersmart app no further investments (e.g. shelf sensors, cameras, …)
– Space-saving: Less space required compared to cash registers

Measurable benefit
– Optimized checkout process and reduced sales losses with reliable, multi-level validation
– Increase of the image and customer loyalty through an innovative, easy-to-use shopping solution
– Improved shopping experience for customers:
– Easy and intuitive operation on familiar device
– Ongoing cost control throughout the entire shopping process
– No more packing and unpacking items on the checkout conveyor belt
– No waiting times and faster checkout compared to cash registers
– More self-determination and privacy when shopping as personnel contact is not necessary or only to a limited

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