Hatco’s Glo-Ray

Hatco's Glo-Ray

Safely hold the temperature of food without drying out or further cooking the food and ensure maximum flavour.


Hatco’s Glo-Ray® Aluminum Infrared Strip Heater with Lights blankets food holding areas to safely hold products at optimum serving temperatures, using a pre-focused heat pattern and specially designed reflectors to ensure maximum food holding.

Sturdy continuous aluminum housings eliminate sagging.

Reflector does not blacken, maintaining a consistent, even heat pattern.

Shatter-resistant incandescent lights illuminate the holding area while safeguarding foods from bulb breakage.

GRAHL models are high watt.

Available in all Designer colors and Gloss finishes Gleaming Gold, Glossy Gray, Bold Black, Radiant Red and Brilliant Blue to match your décor.

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