Bizerba Automatic Gravity Feed Slicer – GSP HD

Bizerba Automatic Gravity Feed Slicer - GSP HD

Customized, comfortable and high-performance slicing: The automatic GSP HD was designed with precisely these needs in mind. Thanks to the 40° angle of the blade and the selectable inclination of the carriage (18°/25°), even heavier products slide down to be sliced with ease—and this effect is reinforced by the smooth Ceraclean® surface.

The premium device comes with a wide variety of optional accessories for any product and any task. You are assured of precise, effortless and energy-saving slicing every time, whether in servo-supported manual or automatic mode. This is made possible by the intelligent motor control system, Emotion®. It adapts the power of the extremely quiet motor to the resistance of the product to be cut. An additional advantage: Even in the case of heavy use the machine remains cool, helping your products to stay fresh for longer.

Furthermore, the hygienic design of the GSP HD contributes to optimal product quality and efficient cleaning of the slicer. In this respect, you are supported by the outstanding non-stick properties of the Ceraclean® surface finish among other things. For optimal protection during slicing, the GSP HD is fitted with a cleverly conceived safety concept which combines visual and technical components.


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